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Supporting local businesses

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Part of our ethos is to support local businesses and provide the best service we can. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, so it's in our interest to work with like-minded businesses to create a better local industry. This entails finding good tradesmen and suppliers in our area that we can feel confident passing work to, or facilitate premium services for those to wish to make our showroom a space to host and present their tiling designs to clients.

This blog is part of our ongoing efforts to promote the services and companies that we use and recommend, not due to business relations, but because we genuinely believe in their values or methods, or simply because they produce a great product!

LTP Logo

During our 30+ years of experience, LTP has always been there creating and supplying great products which we have used first hand during our tiling careers, and it may surprise some of our readership that this, now international, company is based just around the corner in Wellington!

Founded in 1984, LTP has grown and developed innovative tiling products which have gone on to be sold in over 700 tile, stone, fireplace and DIY showrooms in the UK. Now a member of the Stone Federation of Great Britain, LTP has established a commanding presence among the hotel, restaurant and office construction sectors; and furthermore, work with a number of tile and stone cleaning and restoration companies.

Their ongoing success and growth is, in no small part, due to their own research and development department facilitating an adaptative and proactive innovation process, allowing their products to be updated swiftly to address the challenges of ever-changing flooring specifications and legislation. Much like Kerakoll (mentioned in our last blog), LTP are pushing for more eco-friendly building products, recently developing a new range of water-based products (EcoProTec) perfect for green-builds and the future.

As LTP has moved into an international market, with distributors in India, Romania, Mallorca and more, we can be sure of their bright future and cementing a British footprint in the construction industry around the world.

EcoProTec cleaners & aftercare products
One of our social media posts promoting EcoProTec cleaners & aftercare products

We hope you found this article interesting and enlightening to the strength of the construction and trade industry coming from the South West, and long may it continue!

If you'd be interested in our support, we would be more than happy to work with you if you'd be happy to support us. All we ask is that you purchase from us (no quotas) and you'll automatically become a member of our partnership programme - just purchase from us to get a wealth of benefits. Click here to learn more!

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