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Asked Questions

Who are MTM Tile Showroom?

MTM Tiling Limited is a tiling company and showroom, based in the idyllic countryside village of Blagdon Hill. The director and founder, Mark Rollins, is a City and Guilds qualified tiler with over 30 years experience in both tiling and tile retailing. He lives in Taunton with his wife and son who collectively form the M, T and M of MTM Tiling Ltd. Mark is passionate about tiles and tiling with a strong belief in putting his customers first and providing a great service. These beliefs inspired him to create MTM Tiling and fill a gap in the market for a customer-driven tiling service.

Who are MTM Tile Showroom?
Why should I visit your showroom?

Why should I visit your showroom?

If you're looking for a calm and relaxed, personal browsing experience, our picturesque, detached, stone showroom is exactly what you're looking for. Located in the scenic countryside of Somerset, on the village green of Blagdon Hill, we offer 1-to-1 bookings of our showroom to allow you to browse in peace with knowledgeable staff on hand, as and when you need them. The showroom's lovely open aspect aids in providing a calm atmosphere along with the complimentary beverages and biscuits we offer. We pride ourselves on offering a tactile experience, allowing you to handle tile samples and use our innovative display units, allowing you to mix tile, grout and trim samples aiding you to visualise different combinations and ideas in front of you.


If you wish to delve further into your tiling journey, we offer a consultation service where we will impart our knowledge, advising you as best as we can of all your options to ensure you make an informed decision.

You can find out more about this service here.

Located across the road from us is the Travelers' Choice Award-winning The Lamb and Flag Inn, which serves outstanding pub lunches and dinners. If you're travelling from further away or looking to make it a day trip, the village green and pub are both dog friendly and there are a number of walks in the countryside to enjoy. For adventurous types, you can explore the Blackdown Hills by foot or by car, or you can visit the Wellington Monument.

Looking for the best showroom or tiling service?


Download our checklists to see a summary of what we can offer, and so you can compare other retailers/ tilers to see who best suits your needs.

What experience do your staff have?

Our showroom staff have over 30 years experience in tiling and retail; and our expert tilers are all vetted for professionalism and quality tiling for both domestic and commercial establishments. All our staff are approachable and polite, with a 'nothing too big or small' attitude. For larger projects or busy periods, we ensure the sub-contractors we use are of similar standing and uphold the same values and manner we hold as a company. Wherever possible we keep projects in house.

How far from Taunton are you?

We are 4 miles/ approximately 12 minutes from Taunton with easy access from nearby towns via the main road.

What experience do your staff have?
How far from Taunton are you?

Can I buy a sample?

We offer FREE tile samples! Where we have loose tiles or displays in store you are able to take these away to see if it is right for you. In instances where we may have to order samples in, there may be a small charge but that will be reimbursed upon placing an order of tiles.

Can I buy a sample?
Do you have tiles in stock?
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Do you have tiles in stock?

No, but we will order any tiles you wish from our suppliers.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible choice of the latest designs and trends, along with the classic tiles and variety of materials, we don't limit our offering to tiles we can hold in stock. If we held stock of tiles we would have to set aside a large part of what is now showroom space to accommodate them and this would in turn limit the tiles on offer. We also wouldn't want to account for our customers' tastes and push our tiles over and above the design houses and suppliers we deal with. We believe the whole market approach is better for our customers and whilst the margins may be less the choice is considerably more. Therefore we don't carry a stock of tiles.

So, how do you check tiles for quality, colour and size?

Our suppliers order in the tiles by the pallet, and in many cases, multiple pallets of the tile with the same batch and calibration (size). They check batches before delivering and will not send mixed batches or will advise us first if any doubt exists. We then double-check the tiles that arrive to us for batch, calibration, visual damages, quantities, etc. to ensure that it is the correct tile and finish for your project. Our checklist is also made available to the customer upon delivery/collection for their consideration. If upon delivery we notice any inconsistency (this is very rare), we would return the whole order for suitable replacements at our expense.

How quickly can you get my tiles once ordered?

This depends on the supplier but typically the lead time varies from next day to one week. If you require tiles urgently we can advise on which tiles we can obtain quickly for you. We would advise wherever possible to order your tiles around two weeks in advance.

How do you check ties for quality?
How quckly can you get my tiles?
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Why don't you price per tile?
Can you deliver my tiles?
Why should I buy from MTM Tiing?

Why don't you price per tile?

The reason we don't do this is because we feel it can be misleading for the customer. We price our tiles by the square metre and that way whatever the tile size or shape, it is easy to compare prices of different tiles on a like for like comparison. Equally, we don't price tiles per box as the quantity varies between manufacturers and this too can lead to confusion.

Can you deliver my tiles?

Yes! We can deliver your tiles for a small charge and in some cases we can organise a direct delivery from our supplier to any UK address. This depends on the supplier and we can advise you on this before ordering your tiles.

Why should I buy from MTM Tiling?

We have tea and cake! We actually do! On a serious note, we have an abundance of knowledge (most of us over 30 years) which we are very happy to pass on, thus ensuring you have the right products for your project and that you are aware of all the options available to you to make your project bespoke and practical. We have a consultation option to guide you through everything you can think of and therefore making your project a lot less stressful than it needs to be. We also have a tiling service and can literally take care of your tiling project from conception to completion. We lend out samples for you to ensure your choice is the right one. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have relating to your tiles or tiling. 

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Tips from MTM to you!

Tips from MTM to you!


If you are purchasing from stock, especially if it is self-service, check the tiles are all the same batch. This is very important as often tiles that are left over are returned at a later date. The returned tiles are then put back on the shop floor and if placed with a newer delivery after the shelves have been refilled, there could be tiles of different batches (different shades and sizes) on the same shelf.

Secondly, make sure you have purchased enough. It is best to allow 15% extra depending on your pattern as if you do require more you may not get the same batch again.

Sound good?

If our customer first approach and tranquil showroom sounds ideal to you, pop in and speak with our expert staff!

Or click book a private viewing.

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Want more tips like these?

Check out our knowledge centre for an almost encyclopedic database of all things tiles in an easy to read design!

Still undecided?

Please refer to our checklists for a summary of what we can offer

and so you can compare us to other showrooms and tilers.

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