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DIY Tiling with leveling clips
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Expert Tiling Assist

Tiling yourself can be one way to lower costs and create a great sense of pride seeing the finished result of your handiwork.

However, we've all experienced the woes of missing information in YouTube tutorials or bad advice from unvetted 'experts', which is why we've created...

Expert Tiling Assist

Tiling assistance for the keen D.I.Y-er!

DIY Tools & Toolbox

Professional results

Receive expert advice from tilers with 30 years + in the trade. No need to spend hours on YouTube, getting half the information from unvetted strangers. Get personalised guidance for your project to reduce waste, mistakes, and learn tips for stunning results.

Plus discounts on your material costs!

With savings in excess of £100 on materials, this service pays for itself!

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What's Included?

For ONLY £100, you'll have:

  • Your tiled area assessed, level lines drawn and more by an experienced tiler, delivering personalised guidance & material list.

  • Trade-rate materials (adhesive, etc.)

  • Trade-rate on tiles at our showroom

  • Expert at the end of the phone (2x 20 minute calls)

Give Mark a Call!

Mark Rollins, Ownr of MTM Tile Showroom

Enhance your tiling with these add-ons:

  • Professional tool hire

Save yourself a small fortune on specialist equipment you'll only need once

  • Tool training - e.g. wet cutter for clean cuts​​

(this is NOT a qualification or permit you to trade as a tiler)

  • ​​​Tiling Starter Bundle

Get a perfect start to your tiling with everything you need

  • ​​Learn to install underfloor heating (A trained electrician will be required)

  • Understand & install tanking in bathrooms & wet rooms

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A service that pays for itself!

With trade-rates on all materials and tiles, you will save more than the cost of Expert Tiling Assist and more besides, keeping costs down and creating a high-quality result.

In the example below, you'll see with only a few of the essentials needed for tiling a bathroom how much there is to be potentially saved!

For example:

All prices were compared to a large tiling retailer after applying their retail discounts.

Grout Float
Stainproof Sealer 500ml
Multi-Surface Cleaner 1ltr
Stainless Steel 6x6mm Notch Trowel
Tile Nippers
Rubinet Sponge
Insulation Board 1200mm x 600mm
Tile Backerboard 6mm
Levelling clips and wedges - Pack of 100
3mm Spacers - Pack of 500
2mm Spacers - Pack of 500
Plastic 10mm Square Edge Trim
Tanking Kit
10mm Square Edge Metal Trim
H40 Advanced Rapid Set White 20KG
H40 GEL Standard White 20KG

Saving you  £102.60!*

*Please note, an average bathroom would need multiple bags of H40 Adhesive, making the savings even greater!

MTM tiling consultation with tea, cake and tiling information.

Begin your tiling journey...

Contact Mark today to arrange your professional tiling assistance!

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