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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Ever felt like you're being persuaded into buying a product you don't need? Or you prefer to stick to the products you're already familiar with? This article will shine a light on why you won't find any pressure from us and why we stock the products we do - and why you might want to try them!

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Mark assisting customers

A Bespoke Service

At the heart of founding the company were the values that Mark established when he founded MTM Tiling and one guiding ideal: to provide a high quality service with a focus on prioritising the customer. At the time there just simply wasn't anything in the industry quite like it, and to this day, if we're not to be too bold, we don't think there is anywhere else! - don't take our word for it, please read our testimonials! Placing the customer first is the driving principle of our values at MTM Tile Showroom, and has permeated every aspect of the company from the services we offer, such as our thorough and in-depth Consultation Service and our unique Remote Retail Service, to the tiles we supply and our interaction with you.

"What I find refreshing about MTM is that they want you to have the best advice and sometimes that means losing business. But for a client, it was the best [thing] for them."

-Alex Staker

This means that if you have a query about anything on your tiling project, whether you're ordering tiles from us or having us do the installation, you'll receive a swift response and have decades of expertise to draw upon to ensure you get the right thing for you. If you're interested in our approach to our tiling projects when we're outside the showroom and what you can expect, we have a Values & Qualities section on the website which may give you all the information you need to know from the moment we come on board - click here to read!

Quality & Safety

In our pursuit of quality customer service we also extend this ideal to our product range. Why? Not just because 'you deserve the best' but because we feel a duty of care to ensure that the products used by our retail & trade customers are safe to use and safe for the homes to which they're installed. For many years certain products, particularly epoxy, contained chemicals which for some would irritate the skin during the application process. Other products leech chemicals over the course of their lifetime (which is a natural phenomena). The good news is that you don't have to worry about this anymore, as many companies have iterated and improved upon their formulas and the components used in their products, but we supply a few brands which go above and beyond good safety practice.

No irritation, non thickening, accelerated adhesion

Product Spotlight - Kerakoll

Kerakoll is an international leader in GreenBuilding, developing innovative , eco-friendly, natural building products. Their goal is to facilitate construction that respects the environment without compromising build quality. This ideal has spurred them to becoming one of the most technologically advanced producers of building materials with cutting edge products; incorporating nanotechnology in waterproofing, superior gel-based tile adhesives, single component mixtures, geo-binder technology in concrete restoration and zero efflorescences in their grout.

This all sounds fancy and pretty great but the main benefit you'll notice is that Kerakoll's products follow the same principles as we do i.e. offering the best product for your needs.

  • Safety - Kerakoll produce hypoallergenic products ensuring the user is at the least risk possible. This is achieved in some products by reducing or completely removing portland cement (a known irritant commonly found in building materials), or using naturally sourced alternatives for components, such as plant based polymers. All their products go through a rigorous 4 month testing phase before release to ensure they meet certified rating boards standards.

  • Supply - For our trades men and women, last year brought many challenges, the effects of which are still being felt now, but Kerakoll has adapted and expanded to minimise a drought of materials. Although (at the time of writing) the global cement demand is still a bottleneck for the whole industry, Kerakoll have doubled their raw material suppliers whilst maintaining their low carbon-foot print. This has allowed for a steady stream of components to reach their factories and keep the industry moving to a point where they have good stockpiles of epoxy.

  • Eco-friendly - Many are looking to keep their projects in-keeping with green-building practices and nothing is simpler than using Kerakoll's product line. Our in-house tiling services use them and in many cases it doesn't just meet the clients eco requirements, but it's simpler too. Biogel No Limits is a multi-purpose gel adhesive that reduces the number of products taken on a job while still providing a high quailty and easy to use product.

We supply more than just Kerakoll, EcoProTec is our go-to for our sealers and cleaners so even your aftercare can ensure a high-quality result while enjoying eco-friendly benefits and safety (low odour and non-hazardous being two valuable traits). When you enjoy a consultation with us we will provide detailed product sheets for all products relevant to your project to ensure that you know what you're getting and installing in your home. This is for your ease of understanding as much as anything, and to ensure that you have an organised installation if you're doing it yourself.

Eco-friendly tiling products
An example of the brands and products MTM uses and supplies.

We hope you've found this article of benefit and it has given some pause for thought in choosing where to start your tiling journey and the products you may want to use. If you want to learn more about tiling in general we have a Knowledge Centre full of digestible information to answer any questions you may have.

If you'd like to contact us or book a free private viewing of our showroom please click here.

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