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June Newsletter

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

New product and live demonstration!

The next generation of gel – adhesives for tiles and stone

Kerakoll's new H40 range of gel adhesives are the right solution for every application requirement, on any type of substrate. Why? These adhesives exceed standard performance levels with any type of material and surface, going beyond the capabilities of most cementitious adhesives.

H40 Gel

The new H40 gel adhesive combines unique workability and high performance. Its guaranteed thixotropic and fluid mix ensures actual durability on site. Performs outstandingly with all materials and substrates, making it the go-to adhesive for all situations.

H40 Advanced

The new H40 advanced gel adhesive is the first of its kind - guaranteeing long workability and accelerated adhesion. Ensuring safe application on-site. The product has no warning labels. It is of mineral origin and non-hazardous to the environment and health, as it does not contain Portland cement.

H40 Extreme

The new H40 extreme gel-adhesive revolutionises the world of reactive adhesives thanks to its unique fluidity and extreme flexibility, making it the ideal solution for the most extreme laying conditions. Ten times more deformable than generic S2 adhesives. It guarantees the highest level of long-lasting performance.


All are welcome and receive a free gift for attending!

This adhesive, if the rumours are to be believed, is truly amazing!



Premium adhesive = premium prices?

What's changed?

We believe that the price of the new Kerakoll H40 adhesive represents great value for many reasons, and we have set the price to make it as competitive as possible for our customers.

Consider these factors when comparing its value for money to other generic adhesives:
  • Its performance and yield exceeds most cement adhesives, lasting longer per bag with reliable performance.

  • The raw materials that make up the H40 adhesives are almost all-natural, sustainable, and safe to use, meaning less market competition to source and manufacture it and greater availability to you!

Kerakoll has updated and improved their existing gel adhesives too rather than just increasing prices, to offer a product that really does give value for money.

This means that Kerakoll has shifted its reliance on the generic materials that make up cementitious adhesives, and given the volatile market for these generic materials, this can only be a good outcome as we are currently seeing other adhesive manufacturers' prices increase by as much as 25%!

As the raw materials for the H40 are sustainable we believe over the coming months the H40 will represent even better value for money.

Don’t forget!

The Kerakoll live demo is on:

Thursday the 9th of June at 3.30 PM.


Looking for a more economic adhesive option?

(i.e a cheaper cement-based adhesive alternative to the gel- adhesive).

If this is you, then please see below!


A cost-effective adhesive alternative.

Aside from stocking Kerakoll's premium adhesives, we understand certain projects may require an alternative and more economical product. To this end, we have sourced two products from a well-known manufacturer that offer great value.

Standard set flexible white S1 20kg £12.50 ex VAT

Rapid set flexible grey S1 20kg £12.50 ex VAT

The above two products will be available alongside the premium H40 products.


You asked we listened...

We have introduced a fibre reinforced levelling compound that will go from 2mm-85mm in one pour.


Timeless stone UPDATE!

Traditional stone floor specialists

We are pleased to advise that the Timeless Stone Collection is available to view in the showroom!

30 x 40cm natural stone range available

We have a range of 30cm x 40cm tiles offering a traditional stone floor that most stone suppliers simply can’t or don’t supply. We also have 3 full-size samples of Exeter which have already proved a hit with a sale and enquiry the day the samples arrived.

This sought-after and somewhat unique collection of stones creates authentic aged floors by creating, along with the quarry, a range of different finishes and sizes from hand-selected A-grade stone.

We are laying this stone in August, so if the customer permits it, we will show you the finished floor.

Remember, we have exclusivity of this unique product range within this area, and it is not available on the internet, therefore safeguarding your efforts and the sale between you and your client.


Genesis now available from MTM

We have catalogues and samples of the trims including the illuminated tile trims and transition strips in a range of product sample folders, to view and select in-store now.


Offer/ Did you know?

This month, our offer is all about you and your family, because family is the heart of many small businesses.

We are extending our MTM employee benefits scheme to you, our valued customers.

As the cost of living is growing at an alarming rate, we feel it may benefit our regular trade customers to offer our employee benefits scheme to you, giving you access to a full range of incredible health, wealth and wellbeing benefits normally reserved for corporate company employees.

This will be made available via an email invite, upon your request, from Mark (call 01823 421296 or and will cost £4.50 per month with no tie ins.

We do not benefit financially from this, but we sincerely hope you will, should you wish to take up the offer.

These benefits include, but are not limited to: -

Health benefits:

  • 24/7 telephone access to a Pirkx counsellor for any issues affecting your mental wellbeing.

  • Free virtual gym classes.

  • Discounted gym membership

  • Nutrition advice

  • Discounted spa treatment

Wealth benefits:

Over 4,000 discounts and cashback offers from major high-street and online retailers, including major supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, etc. Discounts typically range from 4% to 10% depending on the retailer, travel provider etc.

  • Up to 8% off Apple products

  • 40% off cinema tickets

  • Money advice & free credit report

  • Free independent home loan advice

  • Corporate pricing for nib health care

Education benefits:

  • 40% off all Udemy courses

  • Discounted St Johns Ambulance courses & free online first aid courses

  • Free courses to improve work performance & to manage people

  • Free coding courses

  • Free EQ and soft skills courses

  • Free courses for families & student



Next month:

A colourful exterior




That's all for this month and so we'd like to thank you for your time and we wish you a great month ahead! The MTM Team

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