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Ready for the great outdoors?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

With our focus turning to summer BBQs and daytime and evening entertainment alfresco, what better time for your clients to plan for an external revamp with a new patio area or drive. The consumer interest in external porcelain as an alternative to traditional paving has rocketed in the last 6 – 12 months and the reasons why are clear to see!

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Uniform Thickness - Manufactured under extremely tight tolerances ensuring an even thickness and stable surface, they also feature precision cut rectified edges for a premium finish every time.

  • Algae & Moss Resistant - Unlike natural materials such as stone or timber, outdoor porcelain tiles are resistant to algae and moss, so there's no need to worry about your tiles turning green and becoming slippery!

  • Good Slip Resistance - Outdoor porcelain tiles have a good slip rating of R11 making them safe and practical in all weather conditions.

  • Simple to Install - Create a traditional patio, or loose lay outdoor porcelain tiles onto grass, gravel, or sand without the need for any specialist installation equipment.

  • Uniform Thickness - Manufactured under extremely tight tolerances ensuring an even thickness and stable surface, they also feature precision cut rectified edges for a premium finish every time.

  • Frostproof - Natural stone and timber is porous and allows water to enter the surface. When this freezes, this can crack the material. Durable under extreme temperatures, outdoor porcelain is completely Frostproof!

  • Easy to Clean - Outdoor porcelain tiles are extremely low maintenance. To clean, simply brush with a mix of washing up liquid and water.

  • Colour Bodied - Sometimes, accidents happen, but don’t worry! The core of most outdoor porcelain tiles has a colour body, meaning that any unfortunate small chips that may occur will barely be noticeable.

  • Fade Resistant - Perfect for sunny spots, outdoor porcelain tiles are created using high-definition printing techniques with inks that will not fade or lose their colour.

  • Indoor and out - There is an increasing amount of indoor matching porcelain, 10mm thick interior tiles and perfectly matching 20mm thick counterparts, enabling you to have a seamless transition between indoors and out.


Virtual tiling Technology!

Helping clients visualise how their tiling projects look in their rooms before they buy!

With so many tiles and styles on the market, how does your client decide which to choose, and how can you make the process a little easier)? We can now offer a straightforward solution to bring your or your client's ideas to life! Using a picture, or series of pictures, (sent via email) of the desired tiled area, we discuss with the client their needs and wants for the space during a relaxed appointment. We then instantly get to work designing their perfect tiled area. We can experiment with a variety of colours and styles to create their dream home and bring their tiled spaces to life before their eyes, complete with tiled walls and floors, whilst keeping their existing fittings and features. Afterwards, we can print or email these images for them. This is a service that we are excited to offer as it is quite remarkable – seeing is believing (or visualising).

Rooms/areas we can typically produce images for using visualising software include:

Bedroom – Kitchen – Bathroom – Hallway – Patio – Outdoor – Dining room – Lounge – in fact, any image of a room can be used!


New Tiles & Ranges

Once again, we have taken delivery of 3+ new stands this month.

Mini Metro pays homage to the Parisian metro, a hugely popular style in contemporary kitchens, bars and bathrooms due to its retro aesthetic and variety of colours. A versatile ceramic to suit your taste whilst retaining a modern tone. 150 x 175mm.

Luca also delves into the past with a rustic appearance. With high shade variance and a handmade inspired finish, this gloss tile makes a strong statement in both domestic & professional settings. 315 x 80mm.

Lastly of our new named tiles, but certainly not least, Hartland Abby is ideal for cottage & farmhouse aesthetics. Its warm tone and varied size options make it suited to large open spaces in period properties. 900 x 600, 600 x 600 & 300 x 300mm.

We also have other new arrivals including, a new range of plank effect tiles and 1200 x 600mm ranges.


Fancy a Picnic?

Turning our thoughts towards summer, at MTM HQ will be transforming the outside of our showroom with a floral display over the coming months to brighten up our exterior and enhance our beautiful building set in the heart of the village upon the village green. If you are looking for a relaxed lunch break, there are picnic tables with views over the Somerset countryside on the enclosed village green next to the showroom, the perfect place to gather your thoughts, and if you want any refreshments whilst you are there, we are happy to oblige.


Did You Know?

EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector

Eco Protec Porcelain tile protector/sealer can be used on external porcelain to protect the tile and prevent the grout from staining the rough textured tiles during and after the grouting process. This easy to apply product does not change the appearance or texture of the tile but enables grout to be washed off without holding or staining, easing ongoing maintenance.


That's all for this month and so we'd like to thank you for your time and we wish you a great month ahead! The MTM Team

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