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Timeless Stone

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Traditional stone tiling

Traditional stone floor specialists

We are delighted to welcome Timeless Stone as one of our newest suppliers to the showroom.

Securing exclusivity to the supply of these sought-after and unique collections of stones expands your options to acquire an unparalleled, authentic & traditional stone tiles for your period or traditional styled home - unobtainable from other manufacturers!

Timeless Stone's curated selection of finishes and sizes from hand-selected A-grade stones create a believable & timeless worn appearance due to their keen attention to detail and historical accuracy.

Traditional stone tiling contained stones of random lengths and occasionally rows of differing widths. Matching this characteristic has never been easier to achieve with 400 x random, 500 x random and 600 x random sizes. These sizes provide exceptional authenticity whilst catering for large and small room sizes. Combined with a mix of three tailored finishes Timeless Stone supplies for two of their popular stones, along with various detailed finishes

on the complete range, you can recreate a realistic patchwork for an aged and timeless floor!

If you are interested in acquiring these outstanding tiles for you or your client, we have exclusive access to these stones so get in touch! You won't find them anywhere else (including online!).

We can also offer a site visit by our stone floor specialist to aid in designing a perfect balance of sizes and finishes for a truly stunning traditional result should you wish.


A warm welcome to our new customers

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new customers that have started using us after the closure of the Taunton CTD store. We appreciate your business and the tremendous feedback on our products and services. You are certainly keeping us busy in the mornings! Thank you once again.


Are levelling clips costing you over £3,000 per year?

We now stock a two-piece levelling device that is 100% reusable time and time again, meaning you don’t have to buy the disposable levelling clip bases week in and week out. Once these are on hand in the van, they are ready to go over, and over again!

If you use 350 bases/ 7 bags a week, you could be spending £3,360 a year on levelling bases alone! Enough for a sunny holiday away!

Take back your holiday by using these reusable levelling devices. Each bag contains 50 units with a specialised spanner for only £16 per bag. For the same quantity of tiling and more, you could be spending just £160 a year, making a huge saving of £3,200 compared to the above! And with the added bonus of less waste and being a lot kinder to the planet.

How we calculated this

Using levelling clips for a year

350 bases a week = 7 bags per week (each bag is worth £12.00)

7 bags x £12 = £84 per week

As clips won't be required every week, we have taken an average of 40 weeks in the year clips will need to be bought.

£84 a week x 40 weeks = £3,360

Using reusable levelling spacers for a year

50 reusable spacers per bag x 10 bags (each bag is worth £16.00)

50 spacers x 10 bags = 500 spacers

10 bags x £16 = £160 for a whole year!

The device works by inserting the metal into the joint and turning it 360 degrees a couple of times - this ensures easy removal before the adhesive sets later. Then leaving in place at 180 degrees and tightening the screw cap until the tile is in the desired position.

Before the adhesive sets remove the device and clean off ready for next time.


Genesis is now available from MTM!

Lighting tile trim

After a successful meeting with the Genesis representative, who was looking to fill the void of CTD, we have agreed to supply Genesis products to those who wish to continue using them!

Genesis has an extensive range of trims and professional tools; they even have illuminated trim for edges/ skirtings and steps that can be turned off or dimmed just by using your voice and the optional Alexa compatible driver! Along with tools from hand tools to complete lifting systems and power tools.

We are hoping to have catalogues and samples of the trims (including the illuminated versions) and transition strips in a range of product sample folders, in-store soon.


Did you know?

We work with a variety of trusted and reliable suppliers to bring you the best offering in terms of tiles, materials, tools, and products. We can, and have, saved customers money by ‘shopping around’ or getting products in fast when others are out of stock.

Our suppliers range from large nationals to

small made-to-order potters - experts in special glazes and finishes. Many of these ranges you won’t find elsewhere locally, along with many suppliers and design houses in between. We work hard to source many products that your clients won’t find locally, alongside our everyday products that are always in demand.

We are always adding interesting finds to the showroom, so keep an eye out!


Next month:

Kerakoll unveils a revolutionary new product.

A colourful exterior




That's all for this month and so we'd like to thank you for your time and we wish you a great month ahead! The MTM Team

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