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Those summer nights!

Updated: Feb 27

Wood effect porcelain tiles by Grespania
Wood effect porcelain, Fusta by Grespania

A warm greeting to all of you during the intermittent heat waves (I've heard we have more on the way) and British downpours. We hope you are well and have fans and umbrellas at hand!

In this instalment we have so many new tile ranges to share with you that we simply don't have enough space (without it turning into a flipbook! - please let us know if you'd be interested with an expanded 'new tile range' section with more tile images. We'd welcome the feedback!). But before we introduce the new stars of many kitchens, bathrooms and patios, a very brief update about us.

We released our new promotional video highlighting all the services we offer to tremendous success, thanks to Sam Richardson and Molten Marketing. We're very proud of it so please check it out on our website if you have time.

We are also planning our A-Z of Tiling hosted by Mark. These short videos will be posted to our social media and featured on our website to give clients an introduction to unfamiliar tiling terms and give advice to aid them getting the best tiled space for them.

Now, on with the show!


New tile Ranges

Corinto: golden veined marble by Grespania
Corinto: golden veined marble by Grespania

Introducing a new range of external tiles from Grespania, Moma. These outdoor tiles have a cement-look that is contemporary and innovative, and come in a variety of colours making it perfect to help unify spaces with the same aesthetic. Available in metre plus sizes, varied depths and non-slip versions, you can cover large spaces, both indoors and out, vertically or horizontally, with an luxurious look.

In the last two months Ca' Pietra have unveiled new tile ranges, catering for very different styles and tastes, but with the same quirky flare that Ca' Pietra is known for: Avebury, Cuba, Hamlet, Memphis, Muscat, Pierre, Pottery and Valentine Marble.

You'll be walking on Memphis (top), saying 'Hola' to Cuba (middle) or enjoying the rustic appeal of Pottery (bottom) for a international, inter-era aesthetic in your home.

We have free samples to borrow so you can try it in your own space!


By Appointment

Customers viewing tiles
Mark demoing our hands-on tile displays

Due to 'recent' circumstances we made viewing the showroom a 'by appointment' process to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, whilst retaining the high level of customer service we pride ourselves on. This has proven to be extremely popular with all our visitors and so we have decided to continue this practice as we move out of lockdown affording you and your clients an even greater sense of privacy browsing our showroom, more bespoke service dedicated to you as and when you wish, and all for free!

If you or your customers are interested in viewing our showroom please visit our website to book or give us a call or email. We look forward to hearing from you!


That's all for this instalment! We hope you are well and we look forward to welcoming you back!


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