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New Natural Stone Tile Display!

Updated: May 2

Searching for perfect natural stone tiles? Look no further!

MTM Tile Showroom's new natural stone display

We are pleased to announce our new stone display, highlighting our stone specialty and giving you the ability to see the immaculate result in person.

Our supplier uses high-grade natural stone tiles, painstakingly sourced over 10 years to ensure the very best stone colours, sizes, textures and finishes to suit the architecture of any home. Providing the ultimate authentic look to blend seamlessly with existing traditional floors and provide a luxurious aesthetic to a modern build, this is a truly flexible stone tile range that attests to the enduring popularity of natural stone.

Using the correct ratio of large and small flagstones with varied finishes, creates a stone floor with an elegant balance of authenticity and modernity that looks stunning in traditional or contemporary homes. This attention of detail and insight ensures that the stone floors we lay are among the best in the tiling industry. Our approach mirrors that of these tile's production, understanding the age old traditions that have made natural stone floors popular and timeless, to deliver a result the continues to last the test of time.

With sizes and finishes not seen anywhere else in the UK, these tiles have been tailored to deliver an unparalleled result!

Curious to see how our new stone tile display came together?

Watch this brief behind the scenes video of the products we used and highlighting their exceptional quality with eco-friendly adhesives and coloured grout!

If you want to see these amazing tiles and others in person, feel free to give us a call or book a visit. Book now.

The MTM Team

MTM Tile Showroom log

MTM Tile Showroom, Mission Room, Blagdon Hill, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 7SH

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