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July Newsletter

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Introducing Skins by Porcelainosa!

It is the golden age of wallpaper, and we at MTM have sourced luxurious wallpapers designed for the modern era, with stunning contemporary designs and technological advancements. Never has it been easier to install or clean whilst achieving an elegantly designed interior.

Skin's range of 12 patterns and 48 colourways ensures that there's something for everyone. Grouped into Royal, Amazonia and Emporia, each wallpaper evokes a distinctive style and tone, from the regal damask pattern in Buckingham, to the botanical themes of Amazonia featuring banana leaves and much more.

Ideal for both commercial and residential interiors, all of Skin's wallpapers are constructed of the hardest-wearing, UV resistant and cleanable non-woven paper. Enjoy streamlined installation compared to cellulose paper with impressive durability.

Whether you or your client enjoys the stylings of the Beverly Hills Hotel, the elegance of 14th century Europe, or the geometric patterns of Emporia, each is sure to bring sophistication and ambience to elevate any space and is a real treat for the eyes.


Modernising the Splashback

Looking for an alternative to tiles, acrylic & glass to bring your dream kitchen to life? Why not look at our range of NEW alloy splashbacks! These beautifully patterned metal splashbacks can fill the entire space behind your hob or sink without compromising safety.

With 12 designs to choose from, these versatile panels come in four sizes which can be easily cut to fit around cupboards and windows, creating a seamless kitchen design that is easy to clean and safe. Gone are the days of choosing form over function. There's no need to interrupt your wall with a different panel type to protect your home, and with a maximum height of 750mm, these alloy splashbacks reach all the way up to the hood height!

These splashbacks are not only stylish but are built for uncompromising safety too. Behind your sink or the hob, their waterproof properties prevent water ingress, protecting your walls from damp. When in the hot zone, their steam, heat & fire-resistant properties ensure that your home is protected from cooking hazards.


Ongoing Work

We are pleased to have secured ongoing tiling work which will continue for the next two and a half years. As always, we wish to distribute work, when possible, to those who support us by buying their materials from us regularly and building working relationships with them. We will be happy to do the same for any tilers that start and continue to regularly buy from us (i.e. once a week or fortnight).


Consultations Save the Day!

When working on tiling projects, some common issues arise, usually whilst tiling has commenced wasting time and causing a headache for the tiler and the customer.

Take a look at these two scenarios that play out every day across Britain and see which one you prefer.

Scenario 1 - Mrs Chance

Purchasing her tiles from a reputable tile store, Mrs Chance received excellent service. The staff, both friendly and informative, knowledgeably advised her on her project and was offered store collection or home delivery of her tiles.

So far, so good.

Some days later, a punctual and friendly tiler arrived, courteously removing his shoes at Mrs Chance's front door and greeted by boxed tiles and a cup of tea. The area awaiting tiling was empty and prepared for the tiler to begin work, however, some crucial information was still missing. What laying pattern did the customer want, which colour of grout may she prefer, grout widths and tile trim?

Mrs Chance had not been made aware of these choices and Mr Chance would not return home from work until long after the working day, preventing the couple to make an informed and unified decision. Both Mrs Chance and the tiler wanted tiling to commence without delay. After some enquiry from Mrs Chance, reluctantly, the tiler gave their opinion but emphasised that this was Mrs Chance's decision.

Through no fault of the tiler or the customer, the project took almost two weeks longer than scheduled and caused headaches for both parties. A plethora of questions, sourcing materials and waiting for deliveries elongated completion time and required the tiler to reschedule other projects. The decisions Mrs Chance made, or passed onto the tiler, were rushed in the interest of time, decisions that she or Mr Chance may come to regret.

Scenario 2 - Mrs Organised

Upon her visit to MTM Tile Showroom, Mrs Organised was guided to tiles suitable for her project and advised to select some free samples to try in her soon-to-be tiled space. Decision made and tiles ordered, the tiles were quality checked for damages and batch consistency. With Mrs Organised purchase of tiles, she received a complimentary 1-hour consultation to discuss the details of her project at a time of her choosing.

Husband in tow, the couple enjoyed a biscuit and beverage of their choice whilst discussing laying patterns, grout widths and much more with the guidance of a knowledgeable tiler. During the consultation, they learned about adhesives, matting, sealers & aftercare products to ensure the best result. Mr & Mrs Organised also discovered their options for shower shelving and underfloor heating, extras they had not considered but became incorporated into their project's design. All these decisions, materials and components were recorded in an easy-to-digest consultation folder to help manage their project and ensure everything was accounted for. With the option to order or reserve all the products themselves, they chose for their tiler to purchase the materials outlined in the folder and awaited the day of tiling.

The whole project went smoothly, with all decisions made ahead of time and products awaiting the tiler at the residence before starting.

Which scenario do you prefer as either tiler or customer?

A 1-hour consultation saves time, money and headaches.


Offer/ Did you know?

There are at least five different ways to install external porcelain tiles.

It is always worth checking which method is best suited to your project, so here are two ways you can be sure to get it right.

Contact us! We would be more than happy to advise, or you can download an installation video guide from the QR code on our external porcelain stand situated outside the showroom 24/7.


That's all for this month and so we'd like to thank you for your time and we wish you a great month ahead!
The MTM Team

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