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Our First Open Afternoon!

Take a look back at our first Kerakoll open afternoon.

The turnout & reception of Fugabella's No Limits grout was fantastic! We're pleased to have highlighted and let you get hands-on with this industry-defining grout. We highly recommend it due to its amazing workability, safe and eco-friendly characteristics, to name just a few, and it's also great for designers with 50 different colours and even colouration when set.

Thanks to all of you who turned up, and a special thanks to Mark (the Kerakoll rep) for your time. We hope to see you all again with our second open event featuring the Green Mat Pro (decoupling mat).

STOP PRESS - Kerakoll will be showcasing a different product at our next opening afternoon with the Green Mat Pro making an appearance at the following event. Don't miss it!

Keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon!👀

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