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Confused about 'rectification', or unfamiliar with terms like 'back buttering'? Whatever your existing knowledge, this is a layman-friendly guide to all terms tiling related.

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Geometric Tiling

An arrangement of tile in two or more colours, and often in different sizes and shapes, to form a pattern.


Either a ceramic coating, in a glassy state, on a ceramic tile or the material from which such a coating is made.  Glazing serves both practical and artistic purposes, providing aesthetic beauty, water repellence, durability, and hygienic properties.


A natural stone formed from molten lava that never rose above the surface of the earth.  Granite is denser than marble and is extremely durable.

Green cutting

The cutting of unfired porcelain tiles from XXL slabs, typically 3,200 by 1,600mm, into sub-multiples (600 by 600mm, 800 by 800mm, 300 by 1,200mm, etc) prior to firing.  The main benefit is increased production output.


A special mix used to fill gaps between tiles to provide a durable, hard wearing, low-shrinkage decorative joint finish, while protecting the underlying layers.  Available in both cementitious and chemically-setting, formulations grout is available in a range of colours to complement, or contrast with, the tiles.

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