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Confused about 'rectification', or unfamiliar with terms like 'back buttering'? Whatever your existing knowledge, this is a layman-friendly guide to all terms tiling related.

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Generally, a mineral (Al2Si2O5(OH)4) used in tile body, also known as china clay, that fires to a white, or nearly white, colour.


A weak, non-durable layer or crust is commonly present on the top of new concrete, containing cement and fine aggregate particles.  It is caused by water bleeding from wet concrete.  Its relatively poor adhesion to the mass of the aggregate renders it liable to delaminating under impact or traffic. Laitance can be removed by acid etching, grit blasting, mechanical planning, grinding or abrading.


A hard-wearing stone that can come in a variety of colours from shades of white to deep black. It can be used in almost any environment due to the wide selection of finishes that can be applied to it.

Large Format Tile

Traditionally a term used to describe a floor or wall tile larger than 300 by 300mm.


A decorative border tile, generally for wall applications.

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