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Tiling Design
Do smaller tiles suit a small room better?

Not necessarily. Small tiles can create a busy look as there are more grout lines to draw the attention of the eye, whereas larger tiles can create a calm ambience in a room by reducing details in a space.

It is a personal choice but don't be afraid to use a larger tile as long as the size is practical for the room, as the results can be great!

What colour adhesive should I use with natural stone?

A white adhesive is recommended for natural stone as it contains lower quantities of minerals and salts that can cause problems when drawn up through the stone by capillary action. It also prevents unsightly shadowing when using a translucent stone like marble, for example, and even with darker coloured stone such as dark greys and black coloured stone.

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What adhesive do I use for see-through glass mosaics?

There are two options for adhesive for glass mosaics; both need a full bed of adhesive with no gaps or hollows behind (this should be the case for all tiles when laid).

A white adhesive can be used to fix mosaic tiles or, more commonly, an epoxy grout due to its colour options and its ability to also be used as an adhesive. For example, a blue see-through glass mosaic can be fixed and grouted with a blue epoxy adhesive/grout.

Can I use natural stone split face tiles in my shower?

No, it is not advisable to use split face tiles in wet areas as they are not designed to be grouted and therefore cannot be sealed to protect against water ingress. Their irregular surface also lends itself to bacteria and mould build-up in wet/damp areas.

These tiles are great for feature walls in dry areas and provide a stunning backdrop but they are not to be used in wet areas.

Can I use natural stone in my shower area?

Yes, you can use natural stone in your shower, although you will need to check with the supplier regarding suitability and ensure it is sealed and maintained properly throughout its life. There are many options when using natural stone in wet areas, it is best to talk to your local tile showroom to determine the best solution for you.

Can you still get 6” x 8” (150mm x 200mm) tiles?

6” x 8” (150mm x 200mm) tiles were once popular but unfortunately are extremely hard to come by, as trends have changed and popularity has waned.

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