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Ceramic or Porcelain?
Can you use floor tiles on a wall?
Can you use wall tiles on the floor?
What is the difference between a wall and floor tile?
Do smaller tiles suit a small room better?
Are larger tiles quicker to install?
Can I lay large format tiles and large wood effect tiles in a brick fashion pattern?
What colour adhesive should I use with natural stone?
What adhesive do I use for see-through glass mosaics?
Can tiles be used with underfloor heating?
Can I use natural stone split face tiles in my shower?
Can I use natural stone in my shower area?
Can I tile over tile?
If I am removing a bath to install a shower, and wish to tile over the existing tiles, how do I make up the depth where the bath has been removed?
Can you still get 6” x 8” (150mm x 200mm) tiles?