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Why is silicone required?
What colours are available?
What Silicone colour do I use if there isn't one to match my grout colour?
Can silicone be used as an expansion joint as opposed to using a pre-formed one?
Are there any tools that can help with the smoothing of silicone?
How do I apply silicone in hard to reach areas?
How do I store an opened tube of silicone?
How do I clean my silicone?
How do I remove mould from my silicone?
Are silicones antifungal and therefore mould resistant?
What silicone do I need to use with natural stone and why?
What is a neutral curing silicone?
What is leaching?
What acid does silicone produce when curing?
How long after the silicone has been applied can I use my shower?
The corners of my bath and shower are grouted, do I still need silicone?
How do I remove old silicone?
How do you clean off excess silicone when it is wet?
How do I apply silicone?
Should I leave a gap between my sanitary ware and tiles for silicon-ing?
What is the recommended gap for internal walls for movement and where silicone is to be applied?
Should I fill my bath up overnight prior to silicon-ing?