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Fugabella Grout



Fugabella Colour is a groundbreaking hybrid grout, ideal when decorating any surface in porcelain, ceramic tiles, mosaic and natural stone. With 50 colours to choose from, it can be used in almost any design or style.

In accordance with Kerakoll's values, it is eco friendly making it ideal for Green Building being able to be recycled as an inert material at the end of its life.


Fugabella Colour achieves performance characteristics such as water-repellence, very low water absorption, high surface hardness, high resistance to the most common acidic substances and total colour uniformity.

Trial with your tile!

Use our tactile grout samples to arrange with a tile sample to find the best complimenting shade for your dream tiled space!

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  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • High colour uniformity

  • Suitable for porcelain tiles ceramics, low thickness slabs and natural stone

  • Naturally antibacterial

  • Full and smooth joint

  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems

  • Eliminates the risk of salt and lime efflorescence formation

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