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Grout & Epoxy

Learn all you need to know about grout & epoxy here.

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Is there anything used in grout that can cause me harm?

Some products contain components that are considered carcinogenic due to their capacity to become airborne and can be harmful to humans, as mentioned above. 

We use Kerakoll products which protect the end-user wherever possible by using hypoallergenic components in their products. 

For more information about our Kerakoll products please click here.

Can the grout cause an allergic reaction or skin problem?

Both cementitious and epoxy grouts can cause skin irritations such as dermatitis and provoke an allergic reaction, however, there are now hypoallergenic epoxy grouts available on the market. Please be aware that cement-based grouts can also cause cement burns and damage to the eye if contact is made. It is advisable to wear gloves and protective safety glasses when applying the grout, and when mixing, also wear a face mask as particles of the grout’s components can become airborne and are not safe to inhale.

Can epoxy grout cause an allergic reaction?

Our epoxy grout is water-based and is therefore hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) unlike other epoxy grouts that can cause problems of an allergic nature, especially for people with sensitive skin. A little research into the formulation of your chosen epoxy grout would be beneficial prior to purchase.

Are there any grouts that don't use harmful chemicals?

There are grouts that use natural products such as NHL lime to ensure antibacterial properties remain active within the grout throughout its natural life, as opposed to other manufactured chemicals.

Please see our blog on antibacterial grout for more information here.

Modern Restaurant Kitchen
What grout is used in sterile environments such as food prep areas and operating theatres?

The grout that would be used in these situations is epoxy because of its resistance to chemicals and the fact that it is inert and impermeable.

Epoxy should be applied by a professional unless the user has experience or is very confident in its use!

Does epoxy grout cause an allergic reaction in users?

Epoxy grout can cause irritation and allergic reaction in people; however, there is now a water-based epoxy resin that is hypoallergenic produced by Kerakoll although there may be other manufacturers.

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